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Human Rights Law

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How We Work With You

We will meet with you Virtually or in person, review your case, and advise you. We will pay thorough attention to your requirements and build a close working relationship with you so you understand what is going on and what needs to be done at all times. If you have a Human Rights Claim, we will provide you with expert Human Rights legal representation.

Why Should You Use a Human Rights Lawyer Instead of Trying to Do It Yourself

Human Rights is a special area of law which requires a thorough understanding of the Ontario Human Rights Code and the practice and procedures of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. In some cases, Human Rights Claims may be advanced through the Ontario Superior Court. Without a formal legal training and years of experience, it is almost impossible to navigate this on your own. An experienced Human Rights Lawyer can provide you with the advice you need, make the right decisions for you, and properly represent you at your hearing.

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